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Lloyds TSB share price

Below is the live Lloyds TSB share price as of Sunday 20th April 2014. Please note that if the Lloyds TSB chart loads empty you may need to refresh your browser.

Lloyds TSB 24 hr chart

Lloyds TSB 1 week chart

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  • Debt collectors chasing me after Lloyds TSB split turned into a nightmare 15th April 2014 - 06:24
    It has lost the payment to clear my overdraft and will not close the account When Lloyds and TSB split in September I decided to switch to HSBC. It should have taken seven days, but has been a nightmare. I had problems from the start. Phone calls started from TSB in October after the account was left open, but money was not transferred. In November, an attempted bill payment was rejected. At the ...