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SKY share price

Below is the live SKY share price as of Thursday 27th November 2014. Please note that if the SKY chart loads empty you may need to refresh your browser.

SKY 24 hr chart

SKY 1 week chart

Latest SKY headlines

  • Find Uranus, Neptune in the Night Sky Now 26th November 2014 - 17:48
    On clear nights, skywatchers should also be able to spot another distant planet, Neptune. If you want to see Uranus, study a good star map of where the planet is positioned first. Neptune is much too faint to be viewed with the unaided eye, and it is slightly smaller than Uranus. Neptune is about seven times dimmer than Uranus, but if you have access to a dark, clear sky and carefully examine a ...
  • Sky Blue Trust Meet Wasps/ACL 26th November 2014 - 14:51
    Last week the Sky Blue Trust met again with Nick Eastwood CEO of Wasps and new Chair of ACL, following confirmation of their 100% ownership of ACL. The meeting centred on the new owner’s approach to the Sky Blues and how they intended to work together for a mutually beneficial future.
  • UBS sees benefits for Sky if BT buys EE or O2 26th November 2014 - 13:23
    UBS has speculated that Sky could benefit if rival BT follows through with its current talks to buy O2 or EE and is forced to become less aggressive in the forthcoming Premier League rights auction.